Weird car day

A tire had gone flat, so I endeavored to fix it. No jack—that got stolen a couple years ago, along with the stereo knobs, when the whole car was thieved. Call Betsy, who's got the car we've been car-sitting since last fall and whose owner is returning tomorrow. While I wait and do my work-from-home thing, a white Olds pulls up; guy gets out and inspects my car. I see him rub the dusty windshield to get a look at the VIN. Huh? I get his license plate number before he drives away.

I have a nice conversation with the sheriff.

Betsy arrives with the jack (thanks!). No lugnut wrench. Ransack the borrowed car for one (wrong size) before Betsy has to rush off again. Wheel off, donut on. Drive to town and get it changed, at a nice shop. Guy at the shop shows me a foot-long piece of leaf spring they pulled out of someone's tire once.

The deputy tells me he'll let me know if he finds anything out.


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